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           With some cats, if you call them into the bathroom and then change the litter pan in front of kitty, he/she will nearly bowl you over in order to get in and use a fresh, clean litter pan. Have a shallow, clean container (a saucer or the lid from a wide mouth jar is ideal) and gently slip it under him/her once urination has been initiated. It's not easy for a cat to stop the flow of urine once it has started, so you should be able to collect the small amount needed for a sample. If this method fails, try: Remove all litter from the pan and thoroughly wash and dry the pan. Add a token amount of shredded newspaper (just a few tiny scraps) or the new to the pan and prop up one end of the pan with a few magazines so that the urine will flow down to one end.. Isolate kitty in the bathroom for a few hours with this arrangement and he/she should provide you with a sample in the pan which you can then transfer to a clean, dry container.

           We only need a small amount for a urine analysis - about one tablespoon. Please put the sample into a clean, dry container with a tight fitting, lid and store it in the refrigerator until you can get it in to us (within 24 hours). Please remember that The Cat Practice is open on weekends to accept your samples.

           We can do a fine needle aspiration, at The Cat Practice. This is a safe, painless procedure and is, very good for a number of diagnosises, but isn’t very effective in picking up urinary crystals which is why we sometimes need a naturally voided sample. We also sell a non-absorbent litter which will ease the collection process.

           It may take a few days of trying before you can successfully trick your kitty into giving you a sample, but keep trying. Remember, urine analysis is an important diagnostic tool. HELP YOUR KITTY TO HELP HIM/HERSELF.


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