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           In addition to an extensive list of prescription medicine we offer at The Cat Practice, we also have many health products and nutritional supplements available to keep your cat healthy. Please call our office if you need a prescription refill or would like to check if we have your medication in stock, and we will be happy to assist you!

Prescription Diet Food for Felines:

           The Cat Practice is proud to offer an array of prescription diets to meet specific nutritional needs of your beloved feline. These diets are available exclusively through veterinarians, and are carefully formulated to support each health condition they are designed for. Many of our patients utilize these diets as a part of their cats’ medical treatment when prescribed by our veterinarians. Prescription diets can help support several types of health problems for cats, from diabetes, bladder disease, intestinal disease, obesity, dental disease, and kidney disease (to name a few). We carry prescription diets in many flavors and textures, including wet and dry options.

           If you would like to purchase one of these diets, please call our office several days in advance to ensure that we have it in stock. A current prescription from a licensed veterinarian is required to place your pet on one of these diets, so please make an appointment with us if you are interested or need your prescription renewed.

           We carry feline prescription diets from Royal Canin®, Hills®, and Purina®. Here is a list of the common diets we can offer:

Royal Canin®
Renal LP
Urinary SO
Hypoallergenic Selected Protein
(in Duck, Venison, and Rabbit)

UR Urinary ST/OX
DM Diabetic Management
NF Kidney Function

A/D Feline Critical Care
C/D Multicare Feline Bladder Health
D/D Feline Skin Support Duck
I/D Feline Gastrointestinal Health
J/D Feline Mobility
K/D Feline Renal Health


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