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About Dr. Dougherty

           Founded in the 1970s, The Cat Practice is one of the first exclusively feline veterinary hospitals in the nation. We are also the exclusive cat vets to Chelsea and lower Manhattan! Since this landmark feline hospital has been in operation, there is a long history and reputation that we cherish and nurture throughout the New York cat lover community. Having such a longstanding history requires a modern, educated perspective on 21st century veterinary practice management, and The Cat Practice is fortunate to have a glowing team! Dr. Eric Dougherty is excited to bring Manhattan the next generation of veterinary medicine.

           Dr. Eric Dougherty D.V.M. is our Medical Director and has been with us since 2011. He is an active member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, AVMA, and ASPCA. He graduated from Ross University, where he was awarded the Stanley M. Dennis scholarship. He then went on to complete his clinical rotation at Iowa State University. Dr. Dougherty was raised in Brooklyn in a family that was always adopting any neighborhood cat in need, and he learned from an early age that he wanted to practice veterinary medicine in order to care for these majestic, unique animals. His specialized interests in veterinary medicine include endocrine diseases and renal disease, and everything from kitten wellness to senior cat care. Dr. Dougherty is also an advocate for helping the feline rescue community in NYC, and is proud to give cat rescues a 50% discount on nearly all of our services.

           Arielle Bennett is our Business Director and Managing Partner, and has been with us since 2012. She directs our business administration, practice research, accounting, and advertising, and designs everything from our furniture to our graphics. Arielle is also a university lecturer and completed her graduate work in political science at Rutgers University, and teaches both political science and gender studies. Arielle spends her free time on her research, and of course her 2 rescue cats are always there to curl up on her books to keep her company! You might recognize one of Arielle's cats from the cartoon version she drew into The Cat Practice's logo!

           When Dr. Dougherty isn’t working on promoting feline healthcare, he enjoys watching the New York Rangers, appreciating fine wine and gourmet dining, gardening, and playing the drums! His cats' favorite pastimes include messing up his paperwork, waking him up two hours before his alarm clock, digging through his scrubs after a long day of work, running as fast as they can down the hallway as though they’ve seen an intruder, playing fetch with their toy rats, and asking for treats as loudly as possible.

           Our feline health philosophy is very simple: To achieve the best medicine, our tools are to treat each patient with the same compassion and love we give our own cats, to be attentive to the patient's individuality, and to remain vibrantly committed to state-of-the-art medical practices.

           Dr. Dougherty currently sees appointments Monday through Saturday.


The Cat Practice is located at 145 W 24th Street on the 3rd floor. Phone: 212-677-1401 Fax: 212-677-2088