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           F.L.U.T.D is a disorder of the urinary system and affects both male and female cats. The exact cause is unknown at this time, but one known cause is the accumulation of sandy crystals in the bladder which causes the outward signs. Sometimes these crystals can form a bladder stone.


One or more of the following:

1. urinating outside the litter box

2. frequent and small urinations

3. straining to urinate, licking at the penis

4. blood in the urine

5. inability to urinate in male cats

6. sudden loss of appetite or lethargy, lying in or near the litter box

7. vomiting in advanced cases


Depends on the severity of the signs and which consists of one or more of the following:

1. change in diet

2. medication – antibiotics, urinary acidifiers, and anti-inflammatories

3. anesthesia and relief of the obstruction

4. bladder x-rays, or ultrasound and/or surgery


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