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"Some people feel bad about feeding their cats the same thing every day, and they think the cat needs variety..."

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"If you’re a cat-only person, you often take your cat just as seriously as you would a child..."

"At this time, Gordo is doing well with no observable lameness or recurrence two months post-operatively..."

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           It is important that your cat receives proper dental care to help avoid oral pain, infection and halitosis as well as the buildup of harmful bacteria which can spread via the blood stream, showering the heart, liver and kidneys and contributing to organ problems. Just imagine what would happen if you or I never brushed our teeth or went to see a dentist! Dental disease is caused by an accumulation of bacterial plaque on the teeth resulting in
· Gingivitis (inflamed gums)
· Cavities
· Tooth Abscesses
· Periodontitis (erosion of the bony socket and tooth attachments)

Prevention Includes:

1. Yearly checkups

2. Professional dental cleanings when required.

3. Weekly at home cleaning with hygiene pads. (only if the cat will allow it)

4. Dry food (helps to abrasively clean the teeth)

Treatment May Include:

1. Antibiotics to fight bacteria

2. Anti-inflammatories to reduce pain, redness and swelling.

3. Dentistry

About the Dentistry:

· Requires anesthesia.

· No food after midnight and no breakfast prior to the dentistry due to risk of vomiting under anesthesia

· First the teeth are fully examined then a solution is applied to break up plaque and finally the teeth are hand scaled of all tartar and are polished with a fluoride pumice paste. Extractions are performed only as is necessary due to severe fracture, looseness or cavitation etc.

· Cats will almost always go home the same day, following a brief recovery period.


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