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"Some people feel bad about feeding their cats the same thing every day, and they think the cat needs variety..."

"cats are creatures of habit and any changes in their environment can make them upset..."

"what cats really need are high-quality protein like duck, turkey or chicken and lots of water..."

"If you’re a cat-only person, you often take your cat just as seriously as you would a child..."

"At this time, Gordo is doing well with no observable lameness or recurrence two months post-operatively..."

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           Constipation is as common in older cats as it is in older people. The basic principle to understand is that constipation should never be undertreated. If it is it often becomes progressively worse and chronic. Young cats can be affected as well.

           Severe constipation (obstipation) is treated in a variety of ways. Almost always enemas are part of the treatment - often multiple enemas of warm water and lubricant are required. This is a very messy procedure and the enema fluid will continuously leak out of your cat, sometimes for 24 hours or more. This can also happen at home so you should protect your furnishings, and a spot wash of the soiled area may be necessary. If so, use mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Please call us if you need us to give your cat a bath.

           Cats will usually clean themselves up, but a spot wash of the soiled area may be necessary at home. If so use Ivory soap and rinse thoroughly. Please call us if you need us to give the cat a full bath.

           Please follow all our directions when it comes to stool softener or laxatives.
Natural Laxatives –
Psyillium Seeds are best
Psyillium Husks are better
Psyillium powder is good
Milk (for some cats)
Liver ( for others )
Fur Ball Preparations like Laxaire, Petramalt, etc.
Liquid Laxatives like Lactulose, Enulose and Cholase
Peristaltic Intesifiers like Reglan and Propulsid


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